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7 Lakes Fishing

The fishing at 7 Lakes Country Park is nothing short of outstanding with a huge range of coarse fish in fresh water lakes so we offer something for everyone.

What We Offer

Paramount to 7 Lakes is the well being of our wildlife, this is why we are constantly monitoring our waters, ensuring the fish are fit and healthy. We provide an information booklet to familiarise anglers with our nature friendly rules and our Pegs are constantly being improved to ensure your experience is the best it can be. Although fish stocks are introduced from time to time, we believe leaving things up to mother nature is a much better way to increase their numbers. At 7 Lakes we want to make angling for wild fish the norm, vowing to stay away from the ‘a fish a cast’ syndrome that has become so popular over the last few years.

Our Fishing Lakes

Our vast choice of fishing means there’s something for every angler at 7 Lakes. Our lakes hold a huge selection of freshwater species. Bivvy up to Stalk Everglades specimen Carp lake to land beauties up to 36 lbs. In the Clearwater lake you will find Pike up to 28lbs! And even catfish to find.  We also cater for youngsters looking to practise their growing angling skills, with Fir Trees lake providing the perfect spot to find & catch beautiful Bream, Perch, Rudd, Roach.

Always As
Nature Intended

When you have surroundings as naturally beautiful as ours you understand how important it is to look after them. We are dedicated to the preservation of 7 Lakes Country Park wildlife and fishing; committed to ensuring this unique facility stays the way we want it….just as nature intended. 7 Lakes is a no day ticket fishery, therefore the fish are not pressured and subjected to large amounts non-natural food. Our fish enjoy natural surroundings and thrive on the ecological balance at the heart of the park, with our fishing rules reflecting this.

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Set in beautiful woodland, surrounded by quality fishing lakes and tranquil waterside path ways, we offer the perfect setting for truly enjoying a different way of life.

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